A nonprofit organization devoted to the needs of orphans

About Us

Dear Friends,

In 2010 we adopted our daughter Kirabo from Uganda when she was nine months old. All through the waiting for her we prayed for God to give us a service project in Uganda so we could connect our lives with her home country, and ultimately so she could always be able to serve in her native culture. We never dreamed we’d be directed to the care of an orphanage, but that is what we do, and we thank God for that answered prayer. We have an excellent team of people in Uganda committed to helping us achieve the mission of caring for the fatherless. Phiona works for us full time using her many gifts and talents to help the children with their homework, leading them in bible study, music, games, purchasing food, supplies, and just being there for them when they need someone to talk to about their problems. She also manages the finances for Kirabo Seeds in Uganda, and helps Mama Tonya communicate with sponsors. We have Abdul who manages the building projects, Inspector Nakato who will help us investigate the legal status of new children who come in to our care as well as helps us find the orphaned children, and Julie who is being trained to cook and manage the children’s home. Herb and Ellen Cook run a guest house and have served as missionaries in Africa for more than thirty years. They have blessed our ministry with the gift of their wisdom. God alone has assembled this team for us, and we are humbled and thankful to be useful as we hope to release fatherless children from the cage of poverty and open up for them a world of opportunity.

Humbly we serve a great God,

Mama Tonya (James 1:27)