A nonprofit organization devoted to the needs of orphans

What is Kirabo Seeds?

Kirabo Seeds is a Christian 501 © 3 non-profit organization called to care for the fatherless in Uganda by equipping the children there to fulfill their God given potential and create a family environment as they grow to become the future of Uganda. Our strategies to accomplish this mission are to follow God's grace, provision and guidance first and foremost. We aim to foster relationships in Uganda so we can help Ugandans strengthen their bible knowledge, as well as create self sustaining opportunities for Ugandan churches to help their own children. We work to connect people in America who have the desire and heart to help the needy children with the fatherless by creating a sponsor relationship. We also educated and speak publicly in schools and churches about life for the fatherless and children in Uganda.

How you can help these children

• Sponsor a child for $300 a year to go to school

• Help organize a fundraiser

• Donate a goat for $150, or chickens for $100

• Volunteer your special gifts, talents, and expertise

• Invite us to come speak to your church or school

• Sell Ugandan beads to help us feed the children

• Ask your company to donate to Kirabo Seeds

• Make a one time tax deductible donation to help us build the children's home in Uganda (click donate link above)

• Buy one Ugandan beaded necklace for $25 to pay for a child to eat for an entire month

• Help sew quilts with African fabrics so we can auction them to raise money

A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in His holy dwelling. Psalm 68:5

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